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The value of video marketing campaigns

It is estimated that by 2017 consumer video content will comprise around 67% of all internet traffic. This means that structured web video content is now an essential marketing tool for a modern business. It is also important to remember that a website is no longer a unique selling point for a business.

In the UK alone there are already over 6 million active websites. Your website must engage the consumer and it must have impact. Videolynks is able to meet both of these objectives and provides the following specialist support for businesses:

  • Promotional web video content (including client testimonials).
  • Video marketing campaigns to penetrate social media outlets.
  • Analytics to measure progress and performance.
  • Media training in front of camera.

Why web video content?

  • Engage, educate, and persuade your website traffic.
  • Personally welcome consumers 24/7.
  • Retain consumer’s attention = increased business turnover.
  • Product purchase 85% more likely with web video content.
  • Valuable links with social media platforms.
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